blog of intermediate unit 10 at the Architectural Association London 2006/07

October 30, 2006


Inter 10 Reading List

Title: Else/where: Mapping
New cartographies of networks and territories
Author: Edited by: Janet Abrams + Peter Hall
Publisher: University of Minesota Design Institute

Title: Talking to Architects
Author: Colin Ward
Publisher: Freedom Press

Title: Architecture & Participation
Author: Edited by: Peter Blundell Jones, Doina Petrescu, Jeremy Till
Publisher: Spon Press

Title: Gender Space Architecture
Author: Edited by: Jane Rendell, Barbara Penner and Iain Borden
Publisher: Routledge

Title: The Pragmatist Imagination
Thinking about “things in the making”
Author: Edited By Joan Ockman
Publisher: Princton Architectural Press

Title: Jane Jacobs
Author: The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Title: The Informal City
Author: Michel S. Laguerre
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Title: Relational Aesthetics
Author: Nicolas Bourriaud
Publisher: Les Presse du Reel

Title: Architecture and Disjunction
Author: Bernard Tschumi
Publisher: The MIT Press

Title: The Square Book
Author: Cedric Price
Publisher: Wiley-Academy

Title: Non – Plan
Author: Jonathan Hughes & Simon Sadler, Editers
Publisher: Architectural Press

Title: if you can’t find us give us a ring
Author: public works
Publisher: ARTicle Press / Ixia

Title: From Studio to Situation
Author: edited by Claire Doherty
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing

Title: Two Minds
Artists and Architects in Collaboration
Author: Edited by Jess Fernie
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing

Title: The [un]common place
Author: Editior: Bartolomeo Pietromarchi
Publisher: Actor A

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