blog of intermediate unit 10 at the Architectural Association London 2006/07

October 3, 2006


As in previous years a key concern of Inter 10 lies in the social, spatial and
political context in which architecture takes place. We will study the
often contradicting relationship between social networks and the buildings that host them.
We continue to explore architecture as a responsive, propositional and
space making tool and work closely with the potentials and constraints of the
reality in which we operate. Genuine engagement with user groups, clients and
collaborators will be core to the unit work.

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“Architects are being trained to produce sophisticated variations of enclosure
and three dimensional systems for institutions [organisations], which
themselves are being questioned, as to their validity.”

Cedric Price, Aiming to Miss, Lecture series at the Architectural Association

Inter 10 will focus the year on the construction of new organisations and
networks that manifest themselves architecturally and programmatically within
London’s public realm. The nature of each proposed organisation will derive
from an ambition and thesis developed by each student individually throughout
the year.
The final proposals aim to present innovative forms of organisational strategies,
articulate the organisation’s territory as well as its architectural
manifestations, and share a strong interest in participation. We want to use
architecture and design as a catalyst to reconsider the relationships between
people, organisations and the city.


In term one each student takes up residency in an existing London based
organisation. The selected organisations have a strong history of self-initiative and creative organisational operations, and serve as live precedents for later proposals.
The residency is both an opportunity to understand and explore the organisation from within, and to actively contribute and intervene within the networks and spaces of the host organisation. As in previous years we will continue to explore and develop each student’s individual agendas by carefully mapping and visualising key observations and concerns.

Simultaneously to the mapping we will design physical structures to host a series of events on site. The events will allow us to act propositionally on a 1:1 scale and help us test our constructions and challenge our initial assumptions.


Based on your field research and the development of your own thesis, we expect
you to state your own ambition for a new organisation. Term two will start with
developing a clear manifesto for the individual organisations and an
articulation of a brief that reflects interlinked issues such as: scale and
territory, participation and communication, build form and organisastional
structure, design and non-design, manifestation and transformation.
As well as developing the complexity of the final proposal we aim to initiate
key parts of the proposed organisations in real time.

External experts from different disciplines will be involved throughout the year as part of technical and conceptual workshops.

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