blog of intermediate unit 10 at the Architectural Association London 2006/07

November 9, 2006

Yesterday’s meeting with Glen from Marsh Farm Outreach was great. He was excited to meet us, and even more excited about their project. He not only spoke with us for nearly 4 hours, but gave us a tour of the building and scheduled us a meeting with Tony, the director of the Marsh Farm Community Trust. We also met Helen, who is meeting with us about Health in the Marsh Farm Community when we return.


November 6, 2006



I will go to site on Tuesday with Lefteris to earn some time credit by paiting wall (or something) from 10am to 2pm in Clapham Park TB. After working there we will use our time credit for 1 hour for interviewing them.

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday, we will visit there to meet up Karen Lyon who is the network organiser for the whole of the London Time Banks in Clapham Park TB. I suppose we gonna use rest of time credit with Karen.



October 31, 2006

presentation at nef

Lucie and Tim presenting the ‘timebank’ and the ‘marsh farm’ projects

discussing network diagrams

Discussing transforamtive and instrumental networks using Lucies diagramms

sanem and tao tao flyer for space studios

Sanem and Taotao’s flyer introducing them to Space Studios


Joe’s friendly welcome

” We(Olivia and Eugene) had a great time more than we expected and Joe try to help us all the time

Tuesday ; We have a conversation with Joe and we also start to figure out the system of organization and get simple information about residences in Studio Voltaire.

Wednesday ; measure the building and specially studio space simple drawing mainly about studio space hang around and talk with three artists.”


Olivia and Eugene taking up residency in Studio Voltaire and talking to Joe