blog of intermediate unit 10 at the Architectural Association London 2006/07

July 7, 2007


June 1, 2007



May 31, 2007

THE CUBE is a one-to-one scale construction game which sets its own rules for living during a weekend. It encourages creativity exploring new social behaviours; A framework for immediate emulation between people and space, each CUBE is built upon four basic principles: interaction, freedom, informality, unpredictability. Players design, build themselves, and live in their constructions. Each CUBE is different; designed and built in the context of location, place and participants. Its life span: two days. After deconstruction, what is left behind is memories, shared experiences, gained knowledge or even potential friendships.




May 30, 2007


May 11, 2007


Sanems ‘Salon Ladies’ building taking shape


biscuits and models



Eugene’s Hoxton Square


Olivia welding plastic sheets for her inflatables


TaoTao – test models while waiting for the cnc





‘Spot the Man’ model by Do-Won


Ryo – CNC post production


Korey casting his model



Miho’s new Kings Cross station entrance ramp